About Mayfly

Engineering + Design PLLC

Mayfly specializes in the design and planning of projects that are sensitive to both their social and natural environments. While the scale of our projects range from residential to neighborhood planning, their commonality is their commitment to a sustainable landscape through low impact design (LID). In addition to conventional civil engineering design, our portfolio of built projects includes GSI techniques such as linear rain gardens with bio retention, infiltration systems, previous pavements and flow dispersal systems. We provide project management, early site and options analysis and produce and design detailed and coordinated plans, reports and specifications. We also provide plan review and value engineering services specific to GSI and site design.

Our design approach is founded in integrated design. While we choose to maintain a small business model we have a solid history of teaming with other companies. These relationships allow us to provide services on larger projects and to integrate the expertise of other consultants in the work that we do. Mayfly is a certified WMBE and SCS business.

About Robin McKennon Thaler

PE, LEED PE, Principal

A LEED accredited professional engineer with a comprehensive and varied experience in civil engineering design and development, Robin’s unique natural resource background brings an important focus on low impact design (LID) to all of the projects she contributes to. Robin is a guest instructor for numerous clients including the National Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) program, the Living Building Leader accreditation program, and the University of Washington.

Known for her clear and concise communication skills, creative design approach and solid technical base, Robin is asked to participate in a variety of engineering studies and design charrettes for both public agencies and private clients. Robin provides design services ranging from project planning to construction administration. She is well versed in pulling a project together from specifications and plan preparation to design and project management.